20 Years of innovation

TEEC has been providing secure hosting and services for over two decades already. Our focus is on providing the flexibility and service levels that a Marketing department needs to not just host the company’s website, but also all digital solutions used in this ever-evolving world of Marketing.
TEEC is currently the number 1 FMCG hosting partner for both the carbonated drinks industry as well as the snacks industry.
TEEC is also unique in that it offers app-level service support to take full ownership when something happens.

Our secure private cloud offering is different from the crowd because it includes high levels of 1:1 service, which is the foundation of making a marketing/sales plan go from the normal to the exceptional.

TEEC normally integrates its hosting with other services (see our services tab). This provides a single point of contact not just for gaining insight, but also ensuring that insight is implemented as quickly as possible.


Europe Middle East and Africa : +44 1635 282 361
ASIA Pacific : +91 9739 844 114
AMERICA’s : +1 (262) 240-7777

Secure data

We secure your customer data by applying some of the latest techniques and using best practice available.


One of our major differentiators is being able to flex to your needs in as close to real time as possible. We are a can do company not a can’t so if there is something special you need then we try to say yes.

World-Wide Ready

In todays connected world we offer a world wide capability so that your message is delivered where it’s needed when it’s needed.

Customer First

You can rely on TEEC to put your needs first. If you have a large number of creative agencies managing different brands we ensure your objectives and, policies and procedures are followed.