Access Management

Access Management can have several meanings for you and for TEEC. For us it means

To control access to:

  • Your physical environments
  • Your virtual environments
  • Your CMS (Content Management System) or other application or backend environment.

The right use of Access Management does not just lead to an audit trail, but also results in better uptime and better control of what the public sees. At TEEC, we call it our Gatekeeper service. It’s available on any environment you choose, be that Amazon AWS cloud, Azure, Google, TEEC’s own secure serviced hosting platforms or hybrid models to meet your exact requirements.

Gatekeeper is normally combined with other outsourced services such as Monitoring, OS Patching, Security Scanning and so on.

By applying a complete Access Management process (DevOps process) along with other key services, you can reach uptimes at the application level of 99.99%. And when combined with high availability deployments, it will get you recovery times of < 15mins for even major incidents, and 99.999% uptime including maintenance which most people often exclude when measuring uptime.

TEEC Dev Ops

To make that a meaningful number, please see below what % uptime looks like in minutes per annum of allowed downtime (downtime means your site is not visible as an example).

Uptime Minutes of downtime allowed per annum
99% 5256 minutes
99.9% 525.6 minutes
99.99% 52.56 minutes
99.999% 5.256 minutes
99.9999% 0.5256 minutes

To reach 100% SLA you will also need high availability and disaster recover on the physical server level.


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