“Cloud Services”

TEEC fills the gap between wanting to use the public cloud, Such as AWS, Azure and Google and all the skills needed to ensure that works well for you.

 TEEC AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Services

Here are some of the cloud services available

  • On boarding – we work closely with you to ensure the cloud environment meets you exact needs
  • App level support – TEEC is quite unique in that it provides support to the app level not just the server and os levels
  • Maintenance – We have specialist that can ensure you understand how the environment is working for you and who can offer suggestions as well as carry out the optimisation
  • Updates – all environments need to be kept up to date wit the latest patches, we can do this for you
  • SEO – Not just ensuring it gets the best initial positioning but maintains that position over time
  • Security scanning and fixing – keeping pace with the ever changing world of hackers and ensuring you have met all your obligations to protect

You can find out more by taking a look at the services available from TEEC but we want to make it as easy as possible so please give us a call


Europe Middle East and Africa : +44 1635 282 361
ASIA Pacific : +91 9739 844 114
AMERICA’s : +1 540 307 4357