GDPR Maintenance

So May 25th 2018 has been and gone, and by now you should be compliant?

GDPR does not stop there!

In fact, the hard work has probably just begun. Now you need to maintain the systems and procedures you set up to become compliant. A lot of that is linked to who and how user data is managed, and this is where TEEC can really help. As an ISO 27001 certified company, that already manages lots of user data on behalf of major brands, we are well placed to ensure the policies and procedures needed are in fact being applied.
Let’s review the 8-point checklist needed to get compliant.

Awareness and comms
Analysis of data
Review Procedures
Access Rights
Customer Consent
Data Breaches
Impact Assessment
DPO (Data Protection Officer)

As TEEC can offer a complete support solution up to the application level including a maintenance program, we are able to capture and help with the 8 points in the checklist for compliance. Our own DPO treats your sites’ data in much the same way as we do our own. We can even offer advice on activities you’re going to undertake and ensure they are compliant. This is fairly unique in the industry, but standard for TEEC.

TEEC Gatekeeper Service is the core to ensuring compliance, but services like Monitoring, OS Patching, Security Scanning and so on all ensure you maintain that important GDPR compliance.


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