High Availability and Disaster recovery

Often overlooked, mainly because until a problem happens its hidden, high availability and disaster recovery for TEEC go hand in hand. Chances are, if you’re going to host with TEEC then your solution is of high value to you. Lots of people talk about 100% SLA’s but when you dig, they are referring to specific parts of the solution. TEEC is unique in that it specifies it’s SLA’s to the app level and provides support to ensure action can be taken to meet that SLA 24/7/365.

24 by 7 support

It’s only the start

High availability is the start of the service we offer. It means there will always be redundant live systems running which also allows for no downtime maintenance to be achieved. Add to this a dedicated Disaster recovery site and bar some world-wide event on the internet your presence, reputation and value will always be there.

TEEC normally integrates our Hosting services with other services (see our services tab). This provides a single point of contact not just for gaining the insight, but also ensuring that insight is implemented as quickly as possible.

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