Hybrid Cloud

TEEC provides hybrid cloud solutions for some of the largest companies in the world, so rest assured we can deliver what you need. Working in conjunction with ISCorp, Amazon, Azure & Google, we provide a highly secure solution that can deliver worldwide at attractive price points.

Hybrid Cloud

Peak Performance

TEEC ensures you get peak performance from your integrated hybrid cloud infrastructure and helps you make the most of your combined public and private cloud-computing environment.

Our solution is scalable, cost-effective, secure, and flexible, and bridges the gap between the high-security private cloud and the lower-security public cloud. This combination of both types of cloud-computing allows businesses to keep the cost of ensuring the security and integrity of their data to a minimum.

Since teaming up with ISCorp we are able to offer some very interesting billing solutions for ISV’s that are linked to the sale of their product. i.e we only bill when the ISV sells something!

As an example of how this already works for clients, let’s look at the situation of a brand that needs a worldwide presence but controlled from a single location using a standard CMS. In its simplest form, most CMSs have a folder that contains the images and other static assets used in the site. It’s also true that most new CMSs already have an integration with Amazon. Therefore it’s very straightforward to define the image library (which does not have any security concerns) to look like a standard folder as far as the CMS is concerned, but when used, results in the assets being loaded into the public cloud and delivered from the worldwide cloud front. Add in possibilities for geographic location, and a worldwide solution is available with high levels of security, without having to do much if any, custom coding. Not only is this often more cost-effective, but it also ensures rapid response of the site from anywhere in the world.

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