Secure Hosting

Secure hosting is much more than just having the right hardware, it’s even more than having the right people and the right tools, it’s really about having these as a base, but then looking at the business’s processes used when accessing and working with the environment.

Secure Your Hosting

If we use the example of a company that has a major brand presence in multiple countries, then it’s likely that there will be many brand managers and agencies involved. Who and how this cloud of people access the solution becomes critical for maintaining its security. So it is the business’s processes that controls the resulting security more than anything else.

Layered Defence

TEEC uses a layered defense approach for its clients, with each layer designed to protect against various forms of attack. There is a minimum of 4 layers of defense for all our clients, not including web application firewalls on the web servers themselves.

Distributed Defence

TEEC with Iscorp has several geographically diverse datacentres that provide full business continuity and disaster recovery solutions. We combine this with around-the-clock monitoring and full auditable access so that our clients have complete peace of mind when using our secure hybrid cloud solution.

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