Serviced Hosting

Serviced Hosting is all about the services you need no matter which hosting option you have gone for. TEEC offers its services to all the current hosting models. This includes options to host in our own world-class datacentres alongside ISCorp up to using public cloud providers like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google, or even a hybrids of them all.

Serviced Hosting

You can browse through our services page to get an overview of each service or use the services menu tab to look at the detailed pages.

Serviced Hosting Packages

TEEC can provide a complete end-to-end solution if needed, but sometimes that’s just too much, so we also provide services in packages.
Below are some example packages of services that go well together.

Platform Pack

This comprises of hidden functions that are essential in keeping your digital assets safe and secure.

  • OS Patching – Keeping the chosen OS, for your Application or site, current.
  • CMS Patching – Keeping your Chose Content Management System up-to-date.
  • Monitoring – Looking at the application or site to spot when issues occur, and start to take action to fix in real-time.
  • DevOps Management – Acting as the control to provide auditable logs on deployments from staging to live.
  • Platform setup – Acting as the trusted partner to create new environments or archive old ones.
  • Load Testing service – Here we ensure that your site or app is capable of handling the intended volume of traffic. This is especially important in competitions.
  • Server security hardening.
  • DNS Management – We ensure your DNS is valid and pointing to the right place. We can also manage the domain renewals as needed.
  • Internal Maintenance of Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware products.

Site Maintenance Pack

This has services aimed at making sure that what the user sees is always good and can be found easily.

  • Render Testing Service – Making sure that the site or application still presents as intended with new releases of browsers and OSs.
  • SEO Maintenance service – Here we track for you and offer suggestions on how to maintain the site’s position in a search engine.
  • SSL Monitoring service – We keep track of your SSL certificates and ensure any issues are dealt with asap.
  • CMS Content Updates – TEEC can provide a service for content updates which ensures anything you want to get out there is done by qualified experts.

Security Pack

TEEC has an experienced security team who make their expertise available to clients that use our own platforms or prefer to use the public cloud.

  • Enhanced reporting on Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware, with incident management.
  • External scanning and interpretation of the results for your sites and applications.
  • Access control and key management for your environments.
  • Volumetric DDoS and Programmatic DDoS setup, monitoring, and maintenance.
  • Firewall and Web Application Firewall setup and maintenance.
  • Server Hardening Maintenance.
  • GDPR Maintenance – Staying compliant means having the process and support to follow the legal guidelines. TEEC can provide that.

Additional Stand-Alone services

  • Address Validation – We have various postcode lookup capabilities that validate your addresses against approved address databases such as the Royal Mail’s PAF.
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery consulting – Normally part of a setup, we advise and assist in scoping out the right level of redundancy and techniques to ensure you reach the uptime SLA you need.

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