Quality over quantity


We don’t aim to be the biggest, but we do aspire to be the best when it comes to services required by digital marketing customers, who need a global or local reach. Read a bit about us to understand what makes us different.

Access Management


We understand that evolving your digital presence means you need to work with a roster of 3rd party creative agencies and build houses. That’s especially true when extending into new geographies and regions.

Our flexible hosting platform and Access Management Service (Gatekeeper) gives you full control and access to critical infrastructure. So your brand owners and managers can ensure consistent quality and protection, where none existed before.

Serviced Hosting


Not all cloud hosting providers are alike. As a specialist supplier to the digital marketing sector, TEEC offers an extensive range of services to ensure you maintain peak performance.

For example, our serviced hosting extends from security scanning through to render and load testing, alongside the handling of customer data used for communications.

Pixel Perfect - Render Testing


Today’s digital world means you need to deliver content to a variety of devices via a wide array of browsers. This means you need to be confident you’ve got specialist testing in place to ensure your key messages are actually readable.

Here at TEEC we do that render testing quickly and efficiently, and provide a report with the detail your build house needs to focus on and resolve any issues found.

DNS Management


Bad DNS settings can undermine successful sites, SEO and email delivery. At TEEC we can ensure your digital world is fully managed, no matter where DNS servers are actually located. In this way we’re able to help in near real-time when changes are needed for campaign launches and projects.

Address Validation


If you’re collecting data, then you need to make it as effortless for the end user as possible. Postcode lookup is easy to use for your customers, ensures you collect consistently formatted data, and can help with fraud prevention when running campaigns.

Here at TEEC we have web services that can integrate with your sites and apps to provide cost-efficient access to Royal Mail’s latest PAF files.

Vulnerability Management


Vulnerability assessment is the process of identifying, quantifying, and prioritizing the vulnerabilities in a system or application.

Keeping malicious users at bay means it’s vital to run a vulnerability assessment before your site goes live and throughout the life of this website or hosted application.

We draw on a wealth of experience and use a range of tools and techniques to accomplish these tasks so that your solution is always safe and secure.

Business continuity


Business continuity depends on ensuring your site is consistently available. To achieve that all important 99.999% uptime, you need the confidence of knowing there’s at least one other server ready to provide content should any failure occur.

TEEC’s standard deployments routinely achieve this goal.

Disaster Recovery


Most companies think it will never happen – but sooner or later it will. TEEC provides a cost-effective disaster recovery solution, enabled by our geographically separated data centres located on completely separate power grids.

Software Solutions


TEEC has a software-solutions team that helps agencies and OEMs with their website builds and other software needs for integrated marketing. They specialise in competitions where security is important. Find out more about the team at https://www.teec.co.uk/kickfire-services/

DDoS protection



Protect your sites and web applications from DDoS attacks with TEEC DDoS+ services. These mitigate the risks of both volumetric and application layer attacks.  This comprehensive service is becoming essential to anyone wanting to protect their brand.

Load Testing



All too often this critical step is missed and so sites fail to perform as needed. It’s always made worse because the problem only occurs if you’re successful, which is exactly when it needs to work.

TEEC has a worldwide network that can do real world testing on what loads your solution can take.




It’s fine doing the SEO work when you launch the site, but who is making sure that your site remains visible?.

We have a simple service to monitor and inform you of any changes you decide are critical.

GDPR Maintenance


TEEC provides ongoing GDPR compliance support for worldwide clients.
Find at more about our GDPR Maintenance service