“Why TEEC?”

There can be many reasons to choose TEEC, but what people recognise most is service. By being intimately involved in spanning the gap between companies’ IT needs, governance needs and those of the Marketing/Sales departments, we have created a range of services and solutions that ensure requirements are fulfilled on all sides.

TEEC consists of 3 parts: Hosting, Software and Consulting. Any or all can be taken, leading to a complete end-to-end solution for a highly secure, highly serviced, hybrid cloud solution through which worldwide digital, sales and marketing plans can be implemented.

TEEC Cloud

Why people are choosing us!

•   Accountability – TEEC is willing to take responsibility to ensure your digital presence is secure and available worldwide 24/7.
•   Audit Help – Today’s world requires compliance and auditing of all aspects that lead to that compliance. TEEC is used to working with companies to achieve this.
•   Personal Service – TEEC ensures the service we offer matches your business need.
• High availability – TEEC regularly achieves uptimes at 99.999% and better, including maintenance windows.
• Scalability – TEEC has hosted some of the world’s largest consumer competitions.
• Disaster Recovery – We provide an already proven geographically disperse solution to protect your valuable assets.
• Standards – TEEC can help you comply with the new standards emerging worldwide. Be that ISO 27001 type security standards, or Europe’s GDPR standard which is the biggest shake-up for privacy regulation in 20 years.
• Business process implementation – We recognise that each business is different and can adapt to ensure your specific needs are met. Your business is personal to us.


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ASIA Pacific : +91 9739 844 114
AMERICA’s : +1 (262) 240-7777