TEEC knows that creating a significant digital footprint is an essential part of making the most of your brand. We offer the strongest foundation for this process.

Starting with a range of world-class hosting services (either with us or in the public cloud), then applying layered security and process control, we deliver websites and applications that maximise your digital investment. You can be sure your digital world is both protected & compliant with country and area regulations such as GDPR.

You can also combine this with other essential services like SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), UAT (User Acceptance Testing), Load Testing, and Render Testing.

Our solutions are available in a range of packages to offer the best value and meet your exact needs.
To complete a solution, we can provide and manage a proven CDN (Content Delivery Network) solution that ensures high-speed delivery of these digital assets worldwide, whilst giving you maximum control.

Two of the things unique about TEEC:

  1. It offers you support right up to the application itself. This means that if something happens, day or night, 365 days a year, you’re assured that an experienced team not only spots the issue for you, but is there to deal with it in real-time from Infrastructure to Application.
  2. We give you a single point of truth for the full life cycle of your digital assets. Just one team to talk to about your digital landscape from its inception to archiving.

See our services section for a flavour of how we offer a complete solution, or call us on:

Europe Middle East and Africa : +44 1635 282 361
ASIA Pacific : +91 9739 844 114
AMERICA’s : +1 (262) 240-77777